Born in the south of England and trained at the Ivor Spencer Butler School, Julius entered private service over thirty years ago. One strong influence in his life was his grandmother, who had been a cook for a noble family and encouraged him to move into the sector after regaling him with stories of wonderful dinner parties and glamorous guests.

His career has taken him worldwide, including working for His Highness The Aga Khan, a Middle Eastern Royalty, an American philanthropist and a well-known international businessman. Julius’s work involves everything from laying out exquisite clothes to serving the finest cuisine, all in vast palaces, private jets and superyachts.

Using the savoir-faire gained over a rich and varied career, Julius offers consulting services to private offices and principals on how to set up and run their residences, and to household staff to give polish where needed, whether on-site or remotely.

Julius has also been responsible for arranging numerous functions globally and has had the honour of personally serving over 20 Heads of State.

Julius’s passion for etiquette and household management has led to him being featured numerous times on BBC Radio, various British and international newspapers and television shows extolling the virtues of manners and protocol.

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