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Described by The Telegraph as ‘the empress of etiquette’, Jo joined The English Manner in 2019 from Debrett’s, where she spent over a decade as a tutor and the editor of more than fifteen acclaimed books on etiquette and modern manners.

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16 October 2023


At the beginning of every new Train the Trainer programme, we have a welcome webinar where William, Myka and I, alongside key members of The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette teams, introduce ourselves and welcome the students onto the course. 

During the welcome webinar, the tutors each give some personal insights into how to get the most out of the course. My advice is the same every time: make sure you join the live catch-up webinars with the tutors. Here, I explain why this is such a fantastic opportunity for anyone on the Train the Trainer programme.

Sharing experiences

William, Myka and I have decades of unrivalled experience between us. During the webinars, we discuss teaching, planning, budgeting, strategy, marketing, PR, client management… the list goes on. Simply put, we share our greatest learnings with our students.

Extensive knowledge

From detailed, intricate knowledge of etiquette in all its forms to extensive client management and an understanding of cross-cultural training needs, the webinars are a chance for students to gain unique, additional knowledge. We use our expertise to help students to see things from a different perspective, think about new approaches and gain insight into how things work in practice.

Best methods

Etiquette coaching takes many different forms. There are group classes and private clients, corporate training and children’s classes, boardroom-based sessions and practical learning in dining rooms.

Every style of job requires a different method of teaching, and the catch-up webinars allow students to ask the tutors about the best approaches and most effective methods.

Get it right

Mishaps happen. Clients can be tricky. Marketing oneself can be hard.

The catch-up webinars are a time when tutors share their very best (and worst) experiences on the job. We tell of times when we got it slightly wrong and explain top tips and tricks for making sure our students don’t make some of the same beginner’s mistakes we did.

Get together

The catch-up webinars are a chance for students to chat together, share thoughts and reflections about the course, and enjoy some virtual face-to-face time. With the support and guidance of the tutor, it is also a chance to brainstorm, network and collaborate. Plus, they are genuinely fun sessions for everyone.

Opportunity knocks

There are ten live catch-up webinars available during the online Train the Trainer etiquette programme, giving students the chance for over ten hours of additional personal teaching with some of the best tutors in the business. 

Our Train the Trainer course

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