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William joined The English Manner in 2008 before taking ownership in 2019. He is widely regarded as the freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and civility, with his relative youth and old-fashioned values making him an arbiter of modern manners.

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22 May 2023


The English Manner has run a Train the Trainer programme since 2012, but in 2021, together with Beaumont Etiquette, our partners in New York City, we launched our expanded online etiquette Train the Trainer course.

I may be biased, but here are a few reasons I think our programme is the market leader. 


When I took ownership of The English Manner in 2019, I realised the existing offering of five days, while thorough, was perhaps an odd offering.  Were people really going to be experts and know everything in five days?  While no one person can ever know everything, I’m much happier now knowing that we offer our candidates a very detailed and intensive course – a full year of learning, split over two grades of six months each. 

People do not have to join us for all 12 months; they can apply for Grade One and choose not to progress to Grade Two if those further modules aren’t for them.  But I feel better knowing that our etiquette Train the Trainer candidates do get a proper foundation in the key topics of etiquette and protocol.

And the new, expanded Grade One costs the same as the old five-day in-person course – that’s unrivalled value for money!

Teaching methods

We use a range of teaching methods to convey the content.  PDFs, audio lessons, videos, quizzes plus 10 live webinars, led by the course tutors.  We know people learn in many different ways – hopefully, there is something for everyone! 

Image showing Myka Meier and William Hanson, tutors at The English Manner

Leading experts

Between the three leading tutors for the programme (Myka Meier, Jo Bryant and me) we have written twenty-one books on etiquette, including several number-one bestsellers in the UK and USA.  Sounds immodest to say, but obviously, Jo and Myka’s are better than my own, so hopefully that counter-balances the bragging! 


Both Grades One and Two are accredited by The Institute of Leadership.  Graduates of Grade One can join the Institute as Associate Members, gain post-nominal letters, and access to the Institute’s MyLeadership Development platform, an online resource with learning and activities for leadership development. Associate Members can use the learning materials for their own programmes across the world, too. 

The English Manner is accredited with the Provider of Training Excellence scheme, and both The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette are two of the five Leading Protocol and Etiquette Schools of The World.

Training manual

We have just launched our Grade One training manual, a 268-page A4 tome available only to our Grade One students, past, present and future.  No other etiquette Train the Trainer course has a training manual, let alone one that is so detailed and beautifully illustrated in full colour.

Alumni platform

Our alumni platform will be launching in Autumn/Fall 2023. We’ll have various in-person and online events, ticketed and complimentary, and other exciting offers and opportunities for our global graduates.  There will be no charge for membership of the alumni platform beyond the original investment for the Train the Trainer course. 

Grade One (online only) runs twice a year, from January to June and July to December.  Apply today or book a complimentary enquiry call with William Hanson if you have any questions.

Our Train the Trainer course

Join us online for the world’s most extensive accredited etiquette and protocol course, enabling you to expand your knowledge and train others from the comfort of your own home.

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