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This webinar was recorded live in October 2023 and is now available to watch again on-demand.

Even in a digital age, there is still a need to understand how to use titles and to learn how the styling of a person’s name and office can show respect and denote their rank.

In this short webinar replay by William Hanson, participants will understand the nuances and rules of names, titles and forms of address.

We will be covering:

  • Honorifics, styles and titles
  • Abbreviations and post-nominals
  • Forms of address (social, professional, royal, diplomatic)
  • Salutations and sign-offs

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  • Pre-recorded 60-minute lecture

William Hanson

Webinar presenter

William joined The English Manner in 2008 before taking ownership in 2019.  He is widely regarded as the freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and civility, with his relative youth and old-fashioned values making him an arbiter of modern manners.

Based in London, William’s work sees him teach in the UK and all over the world, including in Europe, America, China, south-east Asia and GCC countries. He is a trusted advisor and trainer to many official households, embassies, businesses and academic institutes.

He is a regular contributor to global media as an etiquette expert and believes good manners and etiquette are based on common sense and should be universal.

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A great source of information. The host of the webinar responded with a wealth of information to all questions asked by the participants. Despite being a webinar the host really seemed responsive and engaged with his audience.

— Moira

image representing Moira

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