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Our voice says much about us, and if we aren’t happy with how we sound when communicating with others, it can negatively affect our confidence and alter the result of the interaction – whether that’s a business meeting, interview or date.

Elocution (the traditional word for voice and speech training) is about finessing the sounds we make when speaking to achieve confident, clear communication. Don’t worry, it’s not about making everyone use The King’s English and sound like a character from Downton Abbey (unless you want to!)

All the coaching during our online elocution course is private, individual training, as each person’s voice and needs differ.


Course information


On-demand via Zoom


From £100 per session

Minimum of two initial sessions

  • 60-minute sessions
  • Personalised one-to-one tuition

Aims and objectives

Each voice is different, not to mention the objectives and aims. Some voices will take longer to change (and homework is essential), whereas other modifications are easier to achieve. We will ask for your goals and current accent upon registration and this will be passed on to the tutor.

We are pleased to work with leading speech and voice coach Gary Owston from The British Acting Academy for our elocution, voice and speech training delivered online. Once a booking has been made for your online elocution course, we will be in touch to schedule a mutually agreeable time for your first session.

  • Learn Received Pronunciation (‘The King’s English’)
  • Improve diction and clarity of speech
  • Soften an existing accent
  • Learn a new accent or dialect
  • Change the pitch and/or register of your voice

Course tutor

Gary Owston

Gary trained as an actor at The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama, and as a drama teacher at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. He has enjoyed doing both for the last 40 years, appearing in West End musicals, Shakespeare, TV; and teaching in most English drama schools, universities and theatre companies in the USA. He has also taught dialect work in prominent films and TV programmes.

The elocution and speech classes were excellent! I felt a little anxious before my first class, but my worry was soon gone when I met the tutor, who was relaxed and incredibly helpful. Using the exercises he set, I was able to achieve the results I wanted to see.

— Christopher T

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If you have any questions regarding our private elocution and voice training, please do not hesitate to speak up and ask.

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