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Refine your dining skills and learn the history of polite eating from the comfort of your own home during our online dining etiquette course. Your tutor, William Hanson, will guide you through all the rules and nuances of dining etiquette so you can confidently eat with friends, family and colleagues. You will be taught different styles of dining etiquette (formal and informal), the uses and techniques of different cutlery, ways to cope with tricky foods, how to understand the place setting and much more.


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27th September 2023

3.30 - 5.00pm UK time

14th December 2023

3.30 - 5.00pm UK time



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  • 90 minutes of live online group training
  • Digital certificate available

What you'll learn

This live group training is perfect for those who wish to enjoy an online dining etiquette course from the comfort of their own home or office. While learning and interacting with like-minded peers, your tutor will reveal the rules of contemporary table manners.

Never again worry when dining with friends, loved ones or colleagues. This introductory online course is a perfect foundation for those who need to tuck in and digest formal and semi-formal dining etiquette.

  • Navigate British and international place settings
  • Understand the use of each item on the table
  • How to hold cutlery and glassware
  • How and when to pass food and drink to others
  • Coping with tricky foods and spillages

Course tutor

William Hanson

William joined The English Manner in 2008 before taking ownership in 2019.  He is widely regarded as the freshest and most trusted authority on etiquette and civility, with his relative youth and old-fashioned values making him an arbiter of modern manners.

Based in London, William’s work sees him teach in the UK and worldwide, including in Europe, America, China, south-east Asia and GCC countries. He is a trusted advisor and trainer to many official households, embassies, businesses and academic institutes.

William strives to integrate manners and etiquette with modern life, helping people become more aware of, and sensitive to, the ways in which they conduct their lives.

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It was a very interesting and interactive lesson, a lot of useful information and answers to questions.

— Veronika - June 2023

image representing Veronika - June 2023

The dining course was very complete and comprehensive. I really enjoyed how William tells you where you can flex but also lays out the time-tested truths.

— Matthew R

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Laugh, learn and (politely) devour delicious food in good company.

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