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Our private children’s manners course in London (or online) is ideal for families who want to equip their children with social skills to help them flourish.

The courses are designed to build confidence and provide the essential skills needed to succeed in life. Our children’s training is suitable for ages 6-16, and is either tailored to be relevant for each child’s age or adapted for groups of mixed-aged siblings.

Our courses enable children and teenagers to present their best side and express themselves properly, allowing them to make the most of the opportunities that come their way with confidence and grace.

Our tutors have exceptional and extensive experience in tutoring children and young adults, and all have passed the UK government’s DBS checks and adhere to our safeguarding policies.


Course information


On demand in-person or via Zoom


From £195 per online session

or from £525 per in-person

  • Variety of teaching methods
  • Follow-up notes for parents and carers
  • Digital or printed certificates available upon request

Possible topics

Each child is different and will require different objectives and training needs. We work with the parents/carers upon booking confirmation to establish the correct personalised syllabus for their child.

Saying hello
  • Handshakes and greetings
  • Introductions for friends and family
  • Confident entrances and exits
  • Standing, walking and sitting nicely
  • Accepting and giving compliments
Hosting and guesting
  • How to be a guest that gets invited again
  • How to look after others when hosting
  • Looking smart and clothing care
  • When and how to say please and thank you
  • Playdate dos and don’t
Interview technique (ages 11+)
  • First impressions
  • Greetings for interview panels and boards
  • What to do when you don’t understand the question
  • Asking questions in return
  • Conquering nerves
  • Posture and sitting
  • Confident body language
Conversation skills
  • Appropriate conversation
  • Answering the telephone
  • Positive and negative gestures
  • Eye contact
  • Public manners
Table manners
  • Understanding the table setting
  • Holding cutlery
  • Passing food
  • When to start and stop
  • Excusing ourselves with grace
  • How to eat soup, peas, pizza and everything in between

Children's manners tutors

Image of Jo Bryant

Jo Bryant

Described by The Telegraph as ‘the empress of etiquette’, Jo joined The English Manner in 2019 from Debrett’s, where she spent over a decade as a tutor and the editor of more than fifteen acclaimed books on etiquette and modern manners.

Jo has worked with leading restaurant and hospitality groups, luxury retail brands, top concierge agencies and exclusive education specialists, along with private clients from all over the world. She also has experience in teaching younger clients, from small children through to teenagers and university students.

Jo is the mother of two young children.

Diana Mather

A former BBC newsreader, Diana has decades of first-rate communication and presentation skills. In the mid-eighties, Diana moved from a successful career in broadcasting to begin training in personal brand and media skills.

Having joined The English Manner in 2011, Diana works globally with a range of our clients, including members of parliament, lawyers and television and radio presenters. She is the author of eleven books, including four children’s books.

Diana is a grandmother to six grandchildren.

Ziying Zhou, Etiquette Tutor

Ziying Zhou

Ziying joined The English Manner in 2024 and specialises in business etiquette, cross-cultural communication, and real-world corporate practices. She brings her broad experience from her decade-long investment banking and corporate banking career across the UK and UAE.

Originally from China, Ziying holds three degrees from leading British institutions, including a master’s degree from Imperial College London. She also served at the United Nations office in Vienna. She has experience working with children from early years through to teenagers and university students across different cultural backgrounds, including the UK, Middle East and Africa.

My children thoroughly benefited from their time with you and have spent the last few days happily showing my husband and I the right way to do things. Their eye contact and conversation is already better.

— The Dawson Family

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